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Protetis stands out among other programmes.

Intuitive to use. Flexible to use. Modern and dynamic.

Protetis No. 1 in Poland!

About the Protetis program

Protetis is a modern computer program supporting the work of a prosthetic laboratory. The main task of the program is to record prosthetic orders received from dentists and manage the work during them. Each order is subject to full control, divided into its stages and activities.

Additionally, the billing module allows you to quickly summarize the work performed for a given doctor or office, with the option of issuing an invoice or bill, and recording the repayment amount.

The program is a tool for dental technicians and was created in close cooperation with them. Thanks to this, it combines speed of work with comprehensive management of executed orders and customer service.

The program is also used to manage the work of staff, keep full records of performed orders, and enables the preparation of all necessary printouts and statistical summaries.

Benefits of using Protetis:
Comprehensive studio management saves time and money Easy and quick access to documentation. Records of orders, a detailed description of the work performed along with photographic documentation, a list of clients, invoices - are always at your fingertips. Automatic certificates of prosthetic work. Protetis also allows you to control the inventory of used materials.
Easy to use, but also rich in modern functions Protetis was created based on the suggestions of prosthetists, which is why it is intuitive and easy in their daily work. Additionally ease of use combined with rich, modern functions, increases the prestige of the studio in the eyes of customers: automatic communication and exchange of orders with dental offices using the ProDentis program e.t.c.
A program with a 15-year tradition Protetis has been supporting the work of dental laboratories for 15 years. The programme's experience means that it only contains those functions that are essential for the work of the laboratory and all staff.
Guarantee of constant development Extensive experience guaranteed constant development of the program along with the needs of users. Program updates are released every year to take into account user suggestions. Thanks to this, you pay for what you need most.
Control over employees' work Rich statistics program summarise the work of all staff. It is easy to imagine how much time you will save thanks to the fact that the program itself summarise the list of activities and stages of prosthetic work performed by employees, etc. This means that the purchase of the program pays for itself within literally a few months.
Granting authorizations allows you to tailor the program to each employee The authorization module allows you to define program functions available to a given employee. Permissions can be granted to the entire module (e.g. access to all auctions of the order module) or very detailed (e.g. access only to orders assigned to an employee and with limited visibility of final prices)
Perfect work in a computer network An additional advantage of the program is its excellent operation in a computer network, thanks to which the entire staff - employees and administrators - can use the program at the same time.
High quality of service What distinguishes Protetis is the high quality of service supported by the opinions of our users. In our company Customer advisors and technical support are always available by phone. Thanks to this, you can be sure that we will always provide the necessary help.