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Convenient list of orders. Quick access to the work schedule.

Protetis No. 1 in Poland!


The Order List available in the program is a collection of work accepted for execution from individual clients or patients. Here we can not only edit and create new orders, but also also control the status and progress of the work.

The most important functions of this module are:

  • List of orders in progress and completed
  • certificates for prosthetic work and other documents
  • graphical, detailed work order form
  • .
  • detailed descriptions of the work carried out, with the possibility of adding photographs
  • a schedule of the work to be carried out, specifying the individual stages and activities the order to be carried out, with a breakdown by the workers performing it
  • complaints handling
  • cooperation with subcontractors
  • accounting for the work carried out, a full summary of the status of settlements with clients - doctors and patients
  • issuing receipts and invoices, registering receipts and invoices, making adjustments
  • direct communication with the dental software ProDentis enabling electronic exchange of orders and billing with dental practices - the only such solution in Poland!!!