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Handling of barcodes, in material records and document workflow.

Barcode labelling of materials used in the order and of documents related to the order (certificates, internal documents)

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Barcode support

(in material consumption records and in the circulation of internal documents)

The Protetis software also makes it possible to barcode the material batches used for orders.

A barcode is generated from the programme, which, after being printed on a special printer, must be affixed to the batch of material taken. Then, when editing the order, it is possible to read the code with a reader and thus assign the batch of material used to a specific product in the order. When entering the material, it is also possible to specify the quantity and LOT number.

Barcodes are also used to search the list of orders in order to find a specific order of interest. specific order of interest. Highlighting a barcode The barcode highlighted on a job with a reader will display detailed information on a given The computer screen will display detailed information on a given order, including the persons responsible for its execution, degree of execution, payment status, etc. payment status.